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Likewise Floating Support

At Likewise we offer a one-to-one support service that is led by you as the client. We work together to agree a way of working which is flexible and open to change.

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Likewise Support.
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What does Likewise support look like?

Our one-to-one support staff can meet in your home, or in a community setting such as a café, library or park. We have the flexibility to meet as regularly as you would like – whether this is several times a week, or on a weekly or fortnightly basis. As our working relationship develops our support sessions can be changed or adapted to better suit you.

You will have a dedicated Pod Leader (support worker) who will get to know you, discuss what support you’re looking for, and work with you to get this up and running. Throughout your time working with us you can always contact your Pod Leader to discuss your support by phone, email or through a face-to-face meeting.

£20 an hour

For adults of all ages

How we can help…

We offer practical and emotional one-to-one support that is shaped by the individual: we work together to agree a way of working which is flexible and works for you. We focus on wellbeing and promoting good mental health, but understand that what each of us needs to support this differs greatly.

We take a holistic view of each person’s life, needs, health and interests. This support is well-rounded and has a strong focus on doing things with people. We work alongside you to promote your independence and to support you to discover what works best for you.

We work with a broad range of people looking for support in a variety of ways. From help around the home to maintain independent living, through to support managing complex mental health conditions. At Likewise, we offer consistent, flexible, practical and emotional support.

We work with people:

  • With or without a mental health diagnosis
  • Either in work or out of work
  • Who are getting older and looking for support in maintaining their independence
  • With physical health needs or disabilities
  • Experiencing social isolation
  • Who are lonely and in need of emotional support
  • Looking to establish routine and access meaningful activity
  • Experiencing hospital admissions for physical or mental health
  • Who need help with personal organisation, managing their home and making plans
  • Living within hostels and supported accommodation
  • Moving towards independent living
  • Looking to meet others and expand their social opportunities
  • Who need some help with budgeting, income support and welfare
  • Struggling with addiction

We offer support for:

Older people

Perhaps, you, your parents or friends are in need of some support with independent living. This could mean help with shopping, getting to appointments or accessing social activities. We can support with maintaining independence and provide emotional support for older people, whether this is at home, in the community or in a residential care setting.

Establishing routine, reducing isolation

A lack of routine and meaningful activity can leave us feeling isolated, lonely and demotivated. We work from the starting point of where you are now as we aim to reduce this isolation together. We work alongside you to explore new things, change the balance of your week and support you in becoming more open to change. This could include learning new skills, visiting somewhere different and meeting new people. We will be with you to discover a routine that challenges you, that feels meaningful and – most importantly – that feels like it’s yours.

Moving towards independence

For people moving out of hospital or residential care we can work alongside you, your existing support network and your mental health team as you move through the process of discharge into the community. We appreciate the challenges that come with the experience of moving into a different living environment; whether this is returning to your home, moving to a new home or into supported accommodation. We also work with you to explore the emotional changes that accompany this move, through what can be a challenging, exciting and interesting life experience.

People with a mental health diagnosis

We can support with attending appointments, taking medication and exploring the support options available to you as well as offering emotional support around the experience of living with a diagnosis. We believe in seeing each person holistically. Your diagnosis does not define you and does not define the work we do together. We look to support you as an individual. Your feelings around your mental health are just as important as your diagnosis.

Living independently

We can support with the tricky aspects of living independently, such as managing money, taking care of your home, remembering and attending appointments, and taking regular medication. We can also help you keep in touch with your support network and medical team.

Living in London, life at university, working life

For people needing some support organising their lives around university, seeking employment or work, exploring relationships and the emotional challenges that come with building an active life in a city like London.

Understanding and managing your own mental health and wellbeing

We can offer support in understanding your own mental health, working through triggers and coping strategies and exploring a routine that supports and sustains good mental health. Our one-to-one support can also assist with linking up with other services, whether these are physical and mental health services, practical support or social opportunities. We can help with appointments and accompanying you to access the resources that support your wellbeing.

Our Approach

We don’t think that wellbeing is just about fixing problems when things get tough. Instead, we believe that everyone can benefit from support around good mental health and access to the things that enhance our individual wellbeing and improve our quality of life.

Because wellbeing means something different for everyone, the following guiding principles help to keep us open-minded and fresh to each individual and each new situation:


A positive working relationship is at the heart of all of our Likewise support. We want to get to know you as a person, and to use this relationship as the basis for working towards changes in a supportive and rewarding way. This authentic relationship provides an open space to explore change and share ideas.


Change happens in all our lives, and our wellbeing is supported by how we work through this change. We’re always interested in learning new things about ourselves and our clients, and we bring this enthusiasm for learning into our work with you. As challenging as change can sometimes be – whether it’s a change in your circumstances, health or relationships – we see it as an opportunity to learn together and support you to discover your own approach to maintaining your wellbeing.

Light touch

Where we can, we bring humour into our relationship with you. Even when things are hard we try and bring a sense of lightness and gentle optimism.

Doing things together

We believe in doing things with people, rather than for or to them. Wherever we can, we will support you to do things for yourself.

Who is it for?

This one-to-one support is open to everyone aged 18 and over. There are no specific requirements needed to access the service. The first step after making a referral is to meet with a pod leader so we can discuss your interests, your needs, what you would like to get out of the service and how we can work together.

We offer a minimum session time of 2 hours. This can be flexible as to when, where and how often we meet.

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Likewise Support:

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