Mary's Yoga

11am–12pm on Tuesdays

When and where?

11am–12pm on Tuesdays at the Likewise Hub, NW6 3SG

What is Mary’s Yoga?

Open to all abilities, a mix of gentle movement, stretches and breathing exercises. Mary’s Yoga is perfect if you’re looking for something non-strenuous but are still interested in Yoga.

Come to unwind, rejuvenate and enjoy a gentle approach to yoga. This class focusses on releasing tensions, gently works towards increased flexibility and strength, and allows you to experience relaxation. The gentle yoga class is suitable for anyone of any age wanting to practise gentle postures at a slower pace, beginners, and people with restricted movement

Find out more

For more information, please feel free to call us on 020 7278 4437 or email us at

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