Davi's Creative Colouring

2.30–4pm on Mondays

When and where?

2.30–4pm on Mondays at the Likewise Hub, NW6 3SG

What is Davi’s Creative Colouring?

Davi’s colouring workshop is a fun, friendly space that allows people to be creative through colouring images that can be both thought provoking and challenging but above all calming and fun. These workshops are for adults who may or may not have coloured such detailed and thought provoking images before and for people who like a challenge. No specific skills are needed to participate as assistance will be given and participants will have the opportunity to share their ideas.

About Mindful Colouring

Mindful colouring was first developed in the 1960s to reflect the stages that adults go through during the day, and were used as a tool to teach children “what daddy does during the day” but their main purpose were to get adults colouring images that they can relate to. The concept has been given a new lease of life over the past few years and has proved to be helpful in maintaining good physical and mental health.

What to expect

During these workshops participants will be given the opportunity to use different colouring tools and will also be given the opportunity to mount and frame their work whilst sharing their ideas with others.

Find out more

For more information, please feel free to call us on 020 7278 4437 or email us at community@likewise.org.uk

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