Placement Opportunity 2

The offer

This offer is for students whose university requirements are more than 70 days. You’ll be with us for a minimum of 4-5 months, for at least 3 days per week (and up to as many days per week as needed to meet your university requirements across the length of your placement).

About the placement

During your placement you will be challenged, supported and given responsibility for a range of tasks across the organisation – including opportunities to lead on projects. You can expect to be involved in some of the following:

Leading floating support visits

Students will work with clients 1-to-1 at home and in the community to help them live independent and fulfilling lives. That might mean providing companionship in the community and helping with everyday tasks like getting the shopping, going to hospital appointments or organising household administration.

Supporting our various day sessions.

From the Camden Hub in Swiss Cottage and our office space in Kings Cross, we run 3 different community, wellbeing spaces:

  • The Hub Sessions – Formerly a mental health day centre, this space is now open to anyone over 18, but has kept its focus on supporting mental health and wellbeing.
  • Global Café – open to anyone over 18, but with more of an international flavour heralding from its former status as a Refugee and Asylum Seeker service.
  • The Women’s Group – a small, tight-knit group for women over 18 looking for connectedness and support with wellbeing.

In each of these spaces you’ll work front-line with a diverse range of people. The role here is to build relationships, provide emotional and practical support as needed, create an inclusive sense of community, and support the day-to-day running of the centre.

Leading an activity in our community wellbeing centre.

Help us to break down the barriers between traditionally separated mainstream and mental health services by using your existing interests or hobbies to lead your own wellbeing activity that’ll be accessible to the community as a whole. It could be anything from a walking group, to art or music.

Supporting with administrative tasks

e.g. updating client database, doing desk-based research.

Supervision and Training

Every placement student will have their own supervisor. They’ll work with you to build a tailored support structure, to identify what goals you have and how we can help you reach them, as well as making sure that you’re meeting any university requirements you may have.

As part of your placement, you’ll be accessing a range of formal training qualifications. These include: Mental Health First Aid, First Aid and The Care Certificate (an induction for workers in the social care sector).

We are not just interested in seeing placement students grow within our organisation, but are passionate about aiding your overall personal growth and development. We want to help you to reach your goals and aspirations, and that’s why when the time does come for you to move on, we can support transition into the next chapter, whatever that may be!

About you

We are looking for people with a wide range of skills, knowledge and interests who are enthusiastic about improving the wellbeing of the community as a whole. You’ll be working front-line with people so great inter-personal and communication skills are a must, but most importantly we’ll be looking for students who align with our values, who demonstrate openness to learning, and who are ready and willing to be pushed outside their comfort zone.

How to apply

Your recruitment process consists of three stages: your application, interview and attendance at a Selection Day. Follow the steps below to complete your application and book your interview and Selection Day:

Note that you should complete all three stages at least 3 months before your intended start date, and ideally sooner. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Placement Coordinator, Indi via email at or by phone on 020 278 4437.

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