Different Boats

Postcard design project

We’ve heard the phrase “Same storm, different boats” many times over the past few months. 2020 has brought change for us all, but we know the effects of the Coronavirus and other events of the year are being felt differently by each individual.

We’re asking people to share their experience of 2020 by decorating a postcard. Express yourself any way you like – drawing, painting, writing, collage… the list goes on! Some ideas for you postcard design could include:

  • Stories or memorable moments of lockdown
  • Reflections on how you’ve been feeling over the year
  • A message to send to other members of the Likewise Community
  • Poetry, painting, doodling…whatever feels inspiring to you!

The plan is to bring all the cards together in a booklet to share with our community.

Creating your postcard

You can create your postcard any way you like, physically or digitally. However you choose to make yours, make sure it’s the right size so it’ll look its best in our booklet!

If you feel like getting messy, and want to create your postcard by-hand, the size should be 148mm x 105mm (or 5.8 inches x 4.2 inches in old money). To keep things simple, we’ve created a worksheet you can download and print at home:

Or, if you’d prefer to create your postcard using a computer, phone or tablet, you’ll need to make your file 1748 x 1240 pixels

There are countless software apps you could use to create your digital designs, so feel free to use whichever you think is best. If you’re not sure, we recommend pixilart.com as it’s free and easy to use.

How to use Pixilart:
  1. Go to www.pixilart.com and click on ‘Start Drawing’
  2. Create a new drawing and set the dimensions of your page to 1748px wide and 1240px high
  3. Get creative and design your card!
  4. Download it and email the design to anna.thirkettle@likewise.org.uk

How to send us your card

There are three simple ways to send us your creations:

  • Post it to us at: Likewise, 8 Fairhazel Gardens, London, NW6 3SG
  • Scan and email it to Anna at: anna.thirkettle@likewise.org.uk; or
  • Hand it to a member of the Likewise team

Will my name appear in the booklet?

That’s entirely up to you. If you’d prefer to send your card in anonymously that’s absolutely fine. However, we will be keeping a list of contributors to the booklet, so if you’d like us to include you in that let us know.

If you have any questions, or would like more information you can get in touch with Anna by emailing anna.thirkettle@likewise.org.uk or calling us on 02072784437

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